In 2011, inspired by the birth of her daughter, Julia expanded her business to include children’s photography, pregnancy photography, stylized editorial family portraits, kids’ parties, and an exciting photographic project with Storybooks.


“As both a mother and a photographer, I have been lucky enough to capture unique and treasured moments in my daughter’s childhood and know well how precious and fleeting these moments can be. I wanted to create a lasting impression, a precious memento of our family photos, because these moments should be treasured, always. What started out to be fun photo projects with my favourite subject, my princess, soon grew into something I wanted to share with other moms and dads.”


She offers a full range of high quality products and services, but it’s an attention to detail that keeps the clients coming back for more! 

If there’s one thing you can count on with Flit Emotions, it’s a fresh perspective on kids’ photography. Julia Flit, a professional photographer, specializes in creating unique and delightful photographs of your children. She captures those precious moments in a different light, and create lasting memories that you can treasure for years to come. 


Based in Kensington, London, Flit Emotions is a division of the flagship studio Flit Photography that Julia launched in 2007. Her work has taken her all over the world in search of the finest jewellery, and she’s worked with some amazing jewellery houses like Chanel and Fabergé, and fashion magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and many others. 



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