If you are a parent you probably know how it's like to juggle work, family duties and kids with their activities. There are simply not enough hours in the day to spend on finding new entertainments (ideally educational ones) for you children.

For example, we all heard many times how arts and crafts help our kids' development by improving fine motor coordination and even boosting their self-esteem (you can read more about it here or here), but we also know how time-consuming it could get to do a proper arts and crafts session for them. Wouldn't it be nice if someone organise it for us?

I was asking myself the same question, when came across the kids subscription boxes. So I started researching further and found dozens of them in US (including ones for nerds, dogs, cats and God knows who else), but only very few in UK.

The main idea is that your child receive a box full of goodies every month. It may include arts and crafts activities, with all the components and instructions, toys, stickers, books and even collectables.

My daughter (she is 5 years old) is subscribed to one of them. Every time she can't wait to get something extra special in the mail only for her. These boxes are great to keep kids busy and also make unique gifts for your nephews and nieces, godchildren and younger siblings.


AGE: 3-8

WHAT'S INSIDE: "All the materials you need to explore, learn, create and play." In fact, there are different craft kits with illustrated and easy to follow instructions in each box, plus stickers to collect and claim free gifts. The bigger boxes also have books to read and parent cards with more ideas and inspirations.


Petite box - £4.93 every two weeks - 1 activity

Grande box - £12.90 monthly - 2 activities and a book to share

Super box - £19.90 monthly - 4 activities and a book to share

You can also purchase different boxes on their website. They even have Frozen theme!

To give it a try and get you free box you can use a code julia-6b2m

Little Passports

AGE: Early Explorers 3-5, World Edition 6-10

WHAT'S INSIDE: Everything for kids who want to discover the world, from wall-sized world map and personal passport to souvenirs, stickers, activity booklets and even access to online games for older kids.


Early Explorers - £15.95 per month

World Edition - £13.95 per months

Both cheaper if you have 6 or 12 months subscription

Rainy Day Box

AGE: 3+

WHAT'S INSIDE: If you want to entertain your kids during the rainy day, this box is the one for you. They don't just include arts and crafts, but I also found bake mix, biscuit cutter and snakes and ledders game inside. They also have reward system in place, which makes it kind of addictive for kids.


£7.25 monthly subscription for 6 months

£6.74 monthly subscription for 12 months

My Geek Box Kids

AGE: 5-11

WHAT'S INSIDE: You will be surprised, but the original My Geek Box is not for kids at all! it is actually for geeks )) I can't believe it! Nevertheless, I found the one for children as well. As they say "it is the perfect gift for little geeks in training" LOL

It includes a mixture of entertaining and educational products, featuring goodies from your son or daughter’s favourite franchises.

PRICES: Little Princess Box or Little Hero Box - £19.99 per month. It says on the website that the actual value of the box is £50+

Sassy Kids Box https://www.sassykidsbox.com

AGE: 3-8

WHAT'S INSIDE: Different arts and crafts activities, family games, fun facts and free competitions... That's all I found on their website.

The great part is, they have different service for the moms to be and kids under 2 years old called Sassybloom. Those boxes are tailored to baby's age, gender and stage of development or to the month of your pregnancy, and has a minimum value of £40. Shame I didn't know about them, when I was pregnant.


Sassy Kids Box £4.98 per month

Sassy Bloom Box £25 per month

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